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Queer Ugandans asked back for more hearings by Commons subcommittee

More witnesses to testify on the plight of queer Ugandan refugees

On 5 Nov, members of the Pride Uganda Alliance International (PUAI) spoke before the Commons subcommittee on international human rights — part of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development.

Two witnesses talked about the plight of queers in Uganda. They asked if the committee could press the Canadian government to grant group resettlement for 200 Ugandan refugees.

On Nov 16, PUAI heard back from the subcommittee, which has requested a hearing from more witnesses on the study of the treatment of sexual minorities in Uganda. The subcommittee has also asked officials from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to comment on the issue of immigration and refugee protection.

The next hearing date before the subcommittee is yet to be determined.