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Queers for clits

The Raelian Movement, the same homo-positive, alien-praising proselytizers that brought us the world’s first cloned human (or so they claimed in 2002), is now attempting to bring the plight of clitoris-less women to the forefront with a new nonprofit, Clit-oraid ( The organization was established last year to rebuild the clitorises of African women who have suffered genital cutting, with the long-term goal of opening up a “pleasure hospital” in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Kudos to them for the initiative, but what this project needs is some mainstream (okay, well, less kooky) support. Time to call in the homos! While we’re at it we should found a hospital for the creation of all manner of genitalia, including new dicks and cunts for trans folk. Hell, we might just get creative and come up with a whole new hybrid while we’re down there.