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Queers for Uganda

Come out and support

With the possibility of a success on the homefront, as a federal judge is upholding the charge of crimes against humanity for evangelist Scott Lively’s virulent anti-gay proselytizing in Uganda, the situation is still dire with activists fighting against the country’s anti-gay bill.

Local activist duo Human Positive will be holding a fundraising event, Kuchu Love, at Glad Day Bookshop:

"Proceeds of this event will help establish safe houses in Uganda, fund wi-fi and smart phones to assist activists on the ground support the LGBTQ community in Uganda as it deals with the Evangelical inspired Human Rights abuses."

The evening will include a message from Andrew Waiswa, of GEHO Uganda, and performances by Amai Kuda, Troy Jackson and Samson Brown.

Kuchu Love. Sat, Aug 24, 8pm. Glad Day Bookshop, 598A Yonge St.