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Radio-friendly pop song

You know what’s weird?

If you believe the rumours (and good god, are there a lot of rumours), a pretty sizable majority of people who work in entertainment, whether it’s singing or acting or theatre, are flamingly gay. And yet only a handful of actors are openly gay, and every song on the radio is about boys and girls falling in love or, in the case of Taylor Swift, girls breaking up with their boyfriends and then telling fucking everyone about it.

Well, Matt Fishel, an openly gay recording artist, decided to fuck with the system a bit here, writing a song about the stupidity of it all. So he wrote a song called “Radio-Friendly Pop Song,” about some artists who are gay or bisexual or transgender or otherwise outside the norm, and you know what? It’s really good. I’m not kidding — this shit is super catchy. I’mma put it on my iPhone and stuff. For serious

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