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Raging Stallion’s Cockwork pays tribute to classic film

Orange crush

In Cockwork, a seeming homage to Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, Jesse Santana does a fashion-plate turn to complement his pitch-perfect abs. Credit: Raging Stallion Studios

From the cover of Raging Stallion Studios’ newest release, Cockwork, it’s clear that director Tony DiMarco has created an homage — though barely — to Stanley Kubrick’s classic film A Clockwork Orange.

The film begins in an off-white bedroom, with off-white furniture and off-white bedding. In fact, the only objects with pigment are performers Alexander Garrett, the mysteriously named DO and an object on the coffee table that could be considered either bowling pin or club. It turns out later to function as an impromptu dildo.

DO and Garrett are each wearing men’s dress shoes, orange jockstraps and black bowler hats while they fuck with aggression. It’s not the fevered aggression of a young couple’s first time nor the rough makeup sex that follows an early-morning spat, but DO and Garrett fuck like they’re trying to prove a point.

DO controls their interaction and has one of the most amazing asses I’ve ever seen. It’s big, smooth and muscular. In fact, it’s so round that scientists could use it to calibrate their circle-drawing devices.

The second scene features B-minus Cavin Knight and fit Jesse Santana, sporting a thick, stainless-steel Prince Albert. (PAs worry me, only because the sensation of biting tinfoil sends shivers up my spine.) Again the scene is aggressive, with cursing and spitting throughout. And again the guys wear bowler hats and orange jocks. Santana’s ribs are like perfectly spaced xylophone keys.

Later still, the off-white room brings together two scruffy, though maintained, guys — Tom Wolfe and Heath Jordan. The bearded pair wear the customary bowlers, shoes and socks, and within a moment Wolfe throws Jordan down to the ground and rolls him into a small package of vulnerability.

Jordan has a sweet little face that seems to be saying both “Why are you doing this to me?” and “Don’t stop doing this to me.”

Director DiMarco claims he implored his cast to “inject extreme vitality into their performances and they delivered on every level.”

I’m not sure what extreme vitality is, but it seems to make people really horny.

Where would one find a bowler hat?