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Rainbow gateway markers arrive on Church Street

Each 22-foot signpost cost $87,500

Two new rainbow gateway markers have arrived in the Church Wellesley Village. The markers cost $87,500 each. Credit: Andrea Houston
The long-awaited rainbow gateway markers have been installed at either end of the Church Wellesley Village.

One marker is located just north of Wellesley Street, at the entrance to Cawthra Park; the other is in front of the City Park Cooperative apartments on Church Street, between Alexander and Wood streets. 

David Wootton, manager of the Church Wellesley Village BIA, says the official launch for the markers will take place April 14. Wootton says the markers will eventually light up, once they are connected to Toronto Hydro. 

The 22-foot signposts, part of a cost-sharing project with the City of Toronto, each cost $87,500, he says. “Essentially, the city is purchasing one and we are purchasing one.”

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