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Rainbows and fetuses

A group of more than 20 students attending Celina High School in Celina, Ohio, were forced to remove their pro-gay T-shirts and were threatened with suspension. The T-shirts were handmade and featured a rainbow with the words “I support” and “Express yourself.”

The group decided to wear the shirts in supportive solidarity of two schoolmates who were previously forced to remove their shirts, which said “Lesbian 1” and “Lesbian 2."

The school’s superintendent, Jesse Steiner, tells US News that the students would be told to remove the shirts only if they were “disruptive” and causing “undue attention to themselves.” But some students are calling bullshit on Steiner’s explanation, saying that students who wear other political shirts, like pro-Obama or pro-Romney tees, face no repercussions. Members of the school’s pro-life club, Students for Life, are not only allowed, but encouraged, to wear T-shirts with fetuses on them!

So to summarize: rainbows no, embryos yes . . . 

No word if Double Standards 101 is before or after Calculus on Celina High’s timetable. 

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