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Randall Garrison looks forward to the winter sitting

NDP MP Randall Garrison has been kept busy
lately with the issue of air screening regulations and trans Canadians, but it’s
just one thing on a busy agenda going forward. I caught up with Garrison after question period yesterday.

Q: What did you get up to over
the break?

A: I took some personal time with my partner, came back from that
right into the same-sex divorce controversy.

Q: So you kept busy, then?

A: Exactly.

Q: What’s on your plate for the
winter/spring sitting?

A: We’ll eventually get to the private member’s bill on gender
identity and gender expression, which has really been highlighted by the
controversy this week over the ID, which I simply don’t get. If the picture
matches the ID, why do we have to discuss gender at the airport gate – I don’t
think that’s necessary at all. So that’ll be coming up. We’ll also be doing
some work on the same-sex divorce issue, because the government said it would fix
this, but I have no faith they’ll do it anytime soon. Those are really the two
big things that are coming forward.

Q: In terms of committee
business, is there anything that’ll keep you busy there?

A: They continue to send all kinds of things to the public safety
committee. We heard this morning they may be sending lawful access to our
committee. We’re still waiting for the refugee detention bill, and I can’t
imagine what else. But they keep us busy there.

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