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Randall Garrison recaps the fall session

Kicking off my end-of-session roundup with queer MPs, I spoke with NDP MP Randall Garrison after QP late last week. 

Q: What was the highlight of the fall
session for you?

A: For me, it was when Minister Baird said
he would go to the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting and raise the issue
of decriminalization of homosexuality, and the fact that he did so I give him
full credit for.

Q: And what was your low point for the fall

A: It’s kind of a challenge whether it’s
Bill C-10 or the abolition of the gun registry for me, and the glee that the
Conservatives have shown in both cases as the bills make progress through the
House. I think both threaten public safety, I think both are quite ill-advised,
but I would have to say the low point is the very lack of understanding of
those who oppose these bills.

Q: In terms of committee work, what’s been
keeping you busy?

A: Obviously since the gun registry was
referred to the public safety committee, we’ve been very busy, including I’ve
chaired a few sessions of that committee. We are also doing a study on drugs in
prison, which we hope will be completed early in the new year, and it’s giving
us a chance to raise issues like the very high rate of HIV/AIDS in prisons in

Q: What are you planning on doing for the

A: I’m planning on going home and
celebrating the holidays with family, friends and constituents like everyone

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