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Randy random facts

* Men-er-Hroech, an enormous stone phallus in Brittany once worshipped by pagans, could be considered the largest known dildo. It stands 67 feet high and weighs 347 tons

* The earliest (and perhaps only) representation of
a shoe strap-on is a 19th-century Chinese painting of a woman using a dildo attached to her shoe

*The earliest known cockring comes from China and was made form the eyelids of goats with eyelashes intact. The flexible eyelashes were tied around the erect penis; the bristly lashes were said to increase pleasure

*Canada maintains a special claim on the dildos, being the only country in the world that uses the word to denote a location: Dildo, Newfoundland. The town was founded in the early 1800s and was allegedly named for the town?s early industry — carving dildos from whalebone. For their part, the citizens of Dildo, termed Dildoians, maintain the name comes from a location in Spain or Portugal.