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Rapture X

Any circuit party with an "X" in the header just reeks of trouble, no? Well, Vancouver's big Pride party has been making some announcements over the past couple of weeks, and it sounds like TFD Productions are cooking up a doozie this year for their 10th anniversary.

We have yet to hear about the Sunday headliner, but Saturday's Ignition will feature DJ Ana Paula. I think she's best on the big stage. Her recent turns at Celebrities (during the Olympics) and the former Pulse (last fall) didn't do her credit. Something about smaller venues just doesn't fly. She needs to get out on a stage while spinning. Trust me. I high-fived that girl in Toronto last summer and meant every finger smack.

It turns out that LA scenesters Jessica and Hunter will be hosting Saturday and Sunday… along with doing a turn on the Rapture float during the Pride parade:

They are pretty funnay. It's like watching Vancouver's Miss Cotton split into a guy and a girl.

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