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Rating Out’s top 10 gay bachelors

As spring inches ever closer, and we start to peel off the many, many layers of winter clothing, it’s time to start looking for potential future ex-boyfriends. And for you starfuckers out there, Out has compiled their annual list of the 10 hottest gay celebrity bachelors. Which ones are actually hot and which ones are just space-filler? Let’s find out . . .

10. Tom Lenk

7/10. Cute guy, and I always thought he was kind of adorable on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

9. Luke Macfarlane

9/10. Those eyes, those cheekbones . . . I CAN’T.

8. Randy Harrison

6/10. I know he’s cute, but I can’t be the only person who wanted to punch Queer as Folk’s Justin Taylor in the hoo-hah, was I?

7. Jay Brannan

6/10. Hot, yes, but if I learned anything from 500 Days of Summer, it’s that you don’t go chasing the manic, pixie dream girls. Or boys. 

6. Joe Carozza

?/10. I looked everywhere for this guy and all I found was this one tiny picture. From Soooooo . . . yeah, I’m calling this one a wash.

5. Clay Aiken

Hell fucking no/10. No, seriously, WUT.

4. Christopher Rice

7/10. Good for a fuck, but once again, never get involved with a tortured writer.

3. Nick Adams

9/10. YES.

2. Zachary Quinto

10/10. Hot, nerdy, smart and funny. The perfect man.

1. Chris Colfer

8/10. Chris is a little too cute to be full-on hot, but he does seem like the kind of guy you can bring home to your mother. Especially if your mom’s a Gleek. 

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