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Real Housewives of Vancouver star Reiko Mackenzie separates from husband

Raziel Reid with Reiko Mackenzie at Oasis Ultra Lounge for Davie’s Got Talent. Photo by Jess Munitz. 

If you’ve met Real Housewives of Vancouver star Reiko Mackenzie, then you know that she seems as sweet and genuine in person as she does on TV. Unfortunately, sweet and genuine do not make for good TV, so all the off-camera rumours about her husband Sunny Mackenzie (formerly Sun News Lal) and his alleged involvement in the drug gang murders of Jim and Ron Dosanjh (of which he was acquitted in 1994) gave the amiable housewife a little edge. 

But Reiko recently took to her Twitter to announce that she has split from her husband, using the hashtags “#separated #newlife #newbeginnings #onwardupward <3". Reiko also posted an Instagram picture of her daughter feeding horses at their new home, with the caption, “Our new backyard #serenity #farmlife #outdooreducation".

It still hasn’t been confirmed whether Reiko will appear on the second season of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, which will air on Slice in 2013, but when I saw her at Oasis Ultra Lounge a few weeks ago and asked whether castmate Jody Claman is still a bitch in the second season (which started filming this summer), she assured me, “Honey, Jody’s a bitch all year round."

Here’s to wishing Reiko a happy fresh start! May it be captured on reality television for us all to judge and make fun of.

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