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Reality killed the soap star

Like the blueprint for raging homosexuality that I am, I grew up watching soap operas. I watched The Young and the Restless in utero! I spent every summer vacation with my granny watching her “stories.” I have wanted to be Brooke Logan my whole life: a rich blonde bitch who marries one millionaire after the next and wakes up every morning with a full face of makeup and primped hair.

ABC has recently announced that All My Children and One Life to Live will be taken off the air this September. Sex, scandal and marriages between multiple men from the same family no longer titillate. People are entertained only if they’re watching some heifer try to lose 50 pounds on a reality show.

Agnes Nixon created both AMC and OLTL. She was a pioneer for the gay community, having been the first writer on daytime TV to focus on gay-themed storylines, introduce gay characters and cover the AIDS epidemic. As we say goodbye to two more television classics, check out a video of Agnes receiving her lifetime achievement award at the 2010 Daytime Emmys.

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