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Reason #56876 I’m glad I’m not American

According to the Daily Mail, a young woman is suing the Bartow County Sheriff's Office in Georgia for handing her over to two independent evangelists to convert her from homosexuality instead of taking her to a drug rehabilitation centre.

Long story short: Amanda Booker is a struggling addict. Her parents called police in the hope she would be hospitalized and get clean. When the police arrived, they allegedly badgered her about her sexuality. (In the lawsuit, she also claims that they lifted her shirt to expose her breasts and violently pushed her against the wall.) Instead of taking Amanda to rehab, the officers paid the two evangelists $600 each (from county funds) to help Amanda overcome her sexual orientation. Reportedly, Amanda lost control and attacked the police car, which led to her arrest. She's currently in jail.

Her lawyer, Anthony Perrotta, told the GA Voice, "She’s not doing well. She’s not getting the care she needs for her drug addiction. She’s hurting. My first priority is to get her out of prison."

Good plan – get her out of jail, into rehab and the hell out of Georgia!

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