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Red hearts, pink triangles

Oh, to be young and in love and in Boulder, Colorado!  Seems a student group at the university is holding a mass gay/straight/bi "kiss-in" today at noon. Adorable!

The timing couldn't be better, as it leads up to tomorrow's dual holidays:  Valentine's Day (be mine!) and Pink Triangle Day, celebrating 30 years since Canada's gay and lesbian community scored a vital first legal victory in the fight for equal rights.  But why choose? I love this truffle box that kills two birds with one stone:

We've fought to remove oppressive laws against gay sex but satirical playwright Paul Rudnick once noted that audiences are becoming increasingly comfortable with gay sexuality while "gay romance is seen as
oddly more threatening."  Hence the need for the kiss-in and the
surprising amount of gay movie-clip montages on YouTube. Romantics will swoon; cynics will see video editors who seriously need to get laid:

Are you now diabetic?   Let Florence and the Mechanics come to your rescue with a more….rugged take on Valentine's Day:

Some like it soft, some like it hard, some like it hot. ABC News appears to celebrating Valentine's Day with their scared-shitless takes on S&M — there's "Kinky Sex Is on the Rise, Therapists Say" and, of course, "Love Hurts: Sadomasochism's Dangers." The reporter breathlessly announces that "one man begged to be tied on a spit and roasted over sizzling coals."  Umm, are you sure he didn't just say he wanted to be spit-roasted?  Cause that's, well, rather different. The articles warn that an interest in S&M could ultimately lead to cannibalism.  Oh America, don't ever change!

Oh wait, they don't — they're still making movies in which horny teens go out to the pagan woods, have sex and then be properly punished for it by a hockey-masked killing machine with a machete.  Yes, another "Friday the 13th" movie opens today, just in time for date night:

So this Pink Triangle Day, raise a martini to Jason Voorhees, our great gay avenger!  What, you didn't know?  Sure — he's a big mama's boy who couldn't afford the "Phantom of the Opera" mask he wanted but continues hunting down the most annoying heterosexual couples ever. Oh Jason, be my Valentine!