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Redefining PG-13

Amanda Lepore and Alaska join Sharon Needles on her latest tour de freak

Amanda Lepore and Sharon Needles take Toronto. Credit: Marco Ovando

“Every day is Halloween for me,” says style icon Amanda Lepore. “I love makeup and dressing up, and I’m always planning my outfit.”

The trans performance artist is co-headlining Sharon Needles’s upcoming PG-13 tour, which touches down in Toronto Oct 30. Needles will be performing material from her much-anticipated new album, which was co-written and produced by sex-on-a-stick rapper and DJ Cazwell.

“A lot of the songs that he wrote I’ll be performing at the show,” Lepore says. “I’m going to perform ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ . . . We’re also going to do our song together, ‘I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore.’” Lepore, who rocketed to international fame as photographer David LaChapelle’s muse, has toured major cities across the planet. But she’s modest when it comes to connecting to her community and her roots. This past year she headlined Ottawa Pride. “I have a lot of fun reaching out everywhere because a lot of the time, the smaller towns are very conservative and don’t have much of a gay social scene.”

The PG-13 tour also features DJs, dancers and prizes for best costumes. ‘‘It’s going to be me times two with Sharon, an overload of glamour,” Lepore says.