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Reese Rideout: I get more tips when I show my hole

UPDATE FEB 3: Sean posted another clip! In this one he gets to ride Rideout’s face.

And we’re with Horlor: those bedroom eyes are unmistakeable. Mrs. Rideout had better watch out!


Since news hit that pornstar Reese Rideout (aka Nicholas Dent or Reece Jacobs) doubles his fully clothed wife on his motorbike while he rides bare, blogs have taken a major interest in this clip from OUTtv’s Don’t Quit Your Gay Job. The clip features our own Sean Horlor learning some of Rideout’s patented moves at Vancouver’s Celebrities nightclub. It should be noted that, although we tried the sexy shoe stomp, a key ingredient to pulling it off successfully seems to be having the kind of body these guys do.

Sadly, the clip is mostly SFW.

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