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Release the pre-writ attack ads!

Because we’re totally not in a pre-election mode, the Conservatives are releasing a new batch of political attack ads. And hey, these ones look like they’re actually making it to air, unlike some previous campaigns. Questions are being raised about whether filming a partisan ad in Harper’s official office is allowed, but since when have rules about these kinds of things stopped him? Also, the French ads are markedly different from the English ones, as though no one will notice these things. (And worth notice – watch Shelly Glover, Canada’s Most Intellectually Bankrupt MP, get smacked down on Power Play for claiming these ads don’t engage in name-calling.)

Oh, and Michael Ignatieff? Released a video of him skating with some kids in London, Ontario, instead.

As the first part of their weeklong series on Stephen Harper’s five years in power, the Star looks at the fact that there seem to be two different Stephen Harpers, and you never know which one you’ll get. Also, here is the first part of Peter Mansbridge’s interview with Harper (the second is coming tomorrow).

Here’s a piece on the optics of the senators now proactively disclosing their expenditures (unlike most MPs).

Apparently thin-skinned, Vic Toews is taking swipes again at the Winnipeg Free Press for something one of its columnists said about the next election.

And remember those immigration settlement services that the government has suddenly stopped funding? They’ve apparently been put under a government gag order. Because that’s helpful.
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