Toronto Diary
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So today is Remembrance Day, and everyone on the internet is freaking out. For the wrong reason.

At the risk of getting all preachy and up-my-own-ass: yes, I know. It’s 11/11/11. It happens only once every hundred years and everyone is freaking out, presumably because the date looks like six dicks (eight if you count slashes). But today isn’t “Holy shit! Look at the ones!” day. It’s Remembrance Day.

For example, my uncle is in a hospital in Denver with a shattered knee because, while serving overseas, the truck he was riding in was hit by explosives. Yes, I might be over-blowing these things, but I just think putting yourself in the line of fire in order to promote peace in unstable regions is probably more worthy of a day than matching numbers in social constructs. But if that’s not the case, then my odometer just hit 10,000 kilometres. Where’s the day for that? 

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