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Today, Nov 20, is the 14th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance.

I want to remember someone that I have never met but hold a great deal of respect for:

Marsha P Johnson.

The “P” stood for “Pay It No Mind."

Marsha was a character. Marsha was crazy. Marsha lived outside of society. Marsha lived outside of gender norms. Marsha was a sex worker. And it is rumoured that Marsha was the first queen to throw stones/bricks/chairs at the Stonewall riots in 1969.

If you don’t know Marsha, check out this video, where her friends tell stories about her.

Marsha is also the namesake of Antony Hegarty’s band, The Johnsons.

So today, on this day, I think of Marsha, a person who walked and worked outside of the lines. I think of her as I listen to this song by Hegarty.

On this day, remember the people you know. Remember the people you knew. And remember the people you wish you could have known that are gone.

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