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Remembering Jack

A noon gathering on Parliament Hill

People stood silently and solemnly together around the Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill to honour the passing of NDP Leader Jack Layton on Aug 22.

There were no speeches, no loud talking and no laughter to be heard. People talked quietly or cried openly about Canada’s loss and the man who led the NDP to historic gains in the last election.

Xtra‘s Dale Smith chatted with a few community members at the noon gathering.

Glenn Crawford, chair of the Village Initiative, said, “Jack is somebody who inspired us. He was somebody who had integrity; he was somebody that we trusted that was a leader for us. I’m glad that there’s a good turnout for us, to have an opportunity to remember him collectively, and to say thank you for all that he’s done for us, to say that our hearts go out to Olivia and his family, to say that we sympathize with your loss. It’s a sad day for Canada.”