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Rentboys, Belfast and homosexual behaviour

Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world CEO sentenced to prison

Former CEO Jeffrey Hurant will spend six months in prison after his site was shut down by federal officials. The judge who sentenced Hurant said she was bound by the law, even though she thought the site had done good by making work safer for sex workers. [AP]

Haiti bans public support for homosexuality

The Haitian senate has passed a bill banning not only same-sex marriage but also public support for homosexuality. Senators say the bill reflects the majority religious view in Haiti that homosexuality is a foreign import from the West. [AFP]

US insurance company denies PrEP coverage due to ‘homosexual behaviour’

US health insurance company United Healthcare wrote in a letter to a gay man that it would not cover his PrEP prescription because he was using it for “high-risk homosexual behaviour.” [Los Angeles Blade]

Irish PM to visit Belfast Pride

Gay Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar will attend Pride in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. The visit is seen as a jab at the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, which opposes same-sex marriage. [BBC]

Equal marriage debate threatens Australian PM’s job

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is wrestling with an unstable parliament as he tries to push through an unpopular plebiscite on equal marriage, while at the same time opening the possibility of a simple vote in parliament. The ensuing political storm could cost him his job, some reports say. [AAP]