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Reports suggest Russian gay teen allegedly lured, tortured has died

Neo-Nazis torment and pursue second man and capture it on video

Photos posted online show a gay teen allegedly lured and tortured by neo-Nazis in Russia. Credit:

A gay Russian teen may be dead after he was lured, captured and tortured by neo-Nazis, according to a Russian gay activist.

Photos began circulating over the weekend of the Uzbek waiter, who was held captive by a group of men who call themselves “occupy pedophelia.” The teenager was shown being hit, forced to hold a dildo, and having urine poured on his head.

According to Russian activist Valentin Degtyarev, the victim died of his injuries. Degtyarev said he made numerous complaints to authorities about the kidnapping but was ignored. Authorities told him the captors were a “civil movement fighting the sins of society.”

The Uzbek man, whose name has not yet been confirmed, seems to have been at least the second victim of the neo-Nazi group. Gay activist Artem Gorodilov was allegedly captured by the group and forced to run in front of the captors’ truck carrying a wooden cross. No charges were laid, even though the attack was captured on video.