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Residents react to mayor outed by Priape receipts

BY ROB SALERNO – Over the weekend, I reported on the Southaven, Mississippi, mayor (and former family-values-oriented Republican congressional candidate) who came out of the closet after an investigation into a municipal spending scandal revealed that he had billed $67 to the city for a purchase at the gay sex shop Priape in Toronto (possibly for ironically titled gay porn, improbably sized dildos or ridiculous amounts of lubricant — we’ll never know for sure). 

While other gay and lefty news outlets have been at least as snarky as I was in their schadenfreude-tinged coverage of yet another gay Republican sex scandal, it’s nice to see that residents seem more or less unfazed to learn their mayor is gay. Where they’re outraged is in the misappropriation of public funds, as they should be.

Still, check out this incredibly uncomfortable report on the controversy from Memphis, Tennessee’s Channel 3 News, in which the news readers repeatedly refer to Davis’s “alternative lifestyle” as if it were 1997 or something.

Speaking of assholes, with only five shopping days left until Christmas, it’s with a heavy heart that I report that the company that makes Edible Anuses is completely sold out. Repeat: if you were planning to give your loved one an Edible Anus for Christmas, you are now out of luck. 

Happy holidays!

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