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Respect the rainforest, tame the Pope

Occasionally (okay, yesterday!), I'll get a bit huffy about Bible-thumping
wingnuts and someone will say I'm being unfair, that I should respect religion.
But I do. I have great respect for religion the way I have great respect for a
baseball bat with a nail in it. Believe me, I respect that
baseball bat!

But it's the wide berth I try to give the
that's never respected! They're forever beating us or annulling
our marriages or, in today's latest twist, calling us a "threat" akin to the
destruction of the rainforests
. The Pope says that anything other than
heterosexual marriage is "a destruction of God's work." It's as though he
pictures the world as a beautiful art museum…and then the gays arrive:

Mind you, when I think of things like the Amsterdam
drag nativity scene
(so tacky!) or Jonny
McGovern performing Beyoncé's "Tranny Ladies,"
I can't help but
wonder if the Pope has a point. Gay men can be destructive and often
useless and screechy – why, "Sex and the City" taught us that!

But my job here is to defend 'my people' and, in the long run,
everyone else. Gay rights are human rights and ultimately, everyone benefits —
like the
straight guy in the UK who's won a lawsuit
against his homophobic employers
for harrassing him. This is not the progress we had in mind, of course — letting
everyone experience homophobia
is NOT the way to go — but at least it's starting to happen.

And then, just when Pope Nazi the 47th or whatever the hell he's called has me utterly disgusted with religious faith, along comes US presiding Episcopal
bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori
who says, in an enlightening interview:

"A homosexual orientation
is a gift — in the same way that a heterosexual orientation is a gift."

She's right, of course, but it's thrilling to hear a religious
leader speak with rationality and compassion (she even used the word science!). Believe it or not, I'd love to be proven wrong on religion and Christmas is
as good a time as any. Thanks, Katharine!