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Restoring faith: Hot Romanian priests strip for gay-rights calendar

Self-professed Romanian Orthodox priests, who are not ordained but are all openly gay members of the church, have united to give us the best calendar of 2014 — sorry, Warwick rowing team, you’re fit but not blasphemous enough for my taste!

The shots feature the priests in erotic poses surrounded by religious iconography. One of the calendar’s organizers, who asked not to be identified (he’s saving it for confession, and who can blame him for wanting to be locked up in a booth with one of these studs?!), told The Huffington Post that the devoted boys decided to strip down to the way God made them “because they believe — like us — in freedom of speech, tolerance, equality and human rights."

"Our wall calendars represent the very first organized global effort against homophobia in the Orthodox Church,” the source continued. “Unfortunately, it might not quickly change the official Orthodox church position, but at least it can encourage people (believers or not) to reflect and realize that their speech/ideas no longer fit modern society."

Can I get an amen — and a fresh pair of underwear?

Check out the pics and a making-of video: