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Results for Ottawa teams at Outgames

Ottawa gets its share of medals

Credit: Pat Croteau

Our last issue carried the posted results of Outgames competitions. We suspected the official list missed the results of many Ottawa area athletes, so we asked our readers to fill in the blanks. Sure enough, you got back to us, and we hope the list below fills in the blanks.

Nicole LaViolette: Gold — individual time trial women’s 40-49
Bronze — licensed road race women’s 40-49

Chadrick Buffel: Gold — intermediate level
Tom Macfarlane: Gold — intermediate level
Lisa Hebert: Bronze — novice level
Linda Wynne: Bronze — novice level

Carl Jacob: Gold: — 1 metre springboard men’s 50-54
Gold — 3 metre springboard men’s 50-54
Gold –5 metre, 7.5m, 10m platform men’s 50-54

Roller Racing
Anonymous: Silver — competitive marathon men’s 35-49

Ted Mann, Lisa Hebert, Mike Graydon: Gold — mixed team
Reta Currie: Gold — women’s sprint 60-64

Cross-country Running –10km
Paule Couet: Gold — women’s 45-49

Running — Road Race 10 km
Paule Couet: Silver — women’s 45-49

Running — Half-Marathon
Peter Balogh: Bronze — men’s 40-44

Marc-André Charette: Bronze — men’s 35-39

Track and Field — Racewalking 5000m
Linda Wilson: Gold — women’s 50-54

Track and Field — 5,000m
Blair Johnston: Bronze — men’s 60-64

Track and Field — 1500m
William Bridel: Silver — men’s 30-34

Track and Field — 5000m
William Bridel: Silver — men’s 30-34

Track and Field — 4 X 200m relay
Gilles Lafleur, John Gazo, Jose Perez, William Bridel: Bronze — men’s

Ice Skating — Mixed Pair
Roger Butt and Nancy Jean: Gold — free dance and silver in compulsory dance

Soccer — Open championship level (11vs1
Team Outaouais: Silver

Hockey — Recreational men
Team Chigattawa: Bronze — players from Ottawa, Gatineau and Chicago.