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Review: Charlie’s Restaurant & Bar

Invites to review restaurants, clubs, music and other products and services have been piling up over the past few weeks and who am I to say no, people? We're approaching my two year anniversary here on Up Your Alley and I'm going to implement a few new features, including a review section. First up on the docket: Charlie's Restaurant & Bar


Venue: Charlie's Restaurant & Bar

Location: 1265 Hamilton Street Vancouver (between Drake and Davie)

Reservations: 604-568-6685 or click here.

A new restaurant in Yaletown? You don't say…

I'm just clearing the air upfront so you don't go into this review the same way I read over my invitation to Charlie's Restaurant & Bar the other night. I should also admit that I'm not a huge pizza fan either. So why would I go to this kind of opening?

Well, any excuse to rub elbows in Yaletown. Yes, I am that guy. I also know their publicist and since he knows what he likes and isn't afraid to tell people about it, that was enough for me to come and check it out.

The first thing I noticed walking in, of course, was the bar (see photos below). It dominates the room and in a good way. Walking up to get a drink is an exercise in visibility. While ordering, you can be clearly seen from both lounging areas and also from the table booths that line this resto-lounge. It is very much a "look at me" experience and would appeal to anyone who is out to be seen.

Did I like? Bless my fame-whorey little heart. I loved the visibility factor! And was also fascinated by the spider light-fixture installed over the bar (come check it out for yourself).

As for the artisan pizza, Charlie's is on to something. The Vegetarian in particular was drool-worthy and was the perfect companion to a glass of Russell Cream Ale. 

When to go: Charlie's is perfect for starting a night out over cocktails with a few close friends or would be a good last stop after the clubs for those who demand more than what Megabite and Flying Wedges of the world currently provide.

Noteworthy: I saw Patrick and Donovan from Homorazzi there. As well as some of my favourite Vancouver bloggers:

With Victoria Revay, blogger from Beyond Robson.

With Sheryl Yen, blogger and social reporter for The Socialist.

(Photos by the amazing Geoff Wilton! Thanks, buddy!)

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