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Review: Fireboy Underwear’s “Suspension Jock”

Company: Fireboy Underwear and Swimwear

Location: Montreal/Online

Product: Suspension Jock (NSFW – just a heads up)

The best part of taking someone else’s pants off is that you can never be 100% sure what you’re going to find. Boxers? Briefs? A thong? A jockstrap? A cockring? Nothing?

Let’s face it. Being a men’s underwear designer is pretty much my dream job. Imagine. Spending your workday trying to figure out ways to conceal and/or reveal, testing out fabrics, elastics and seams, to pouch or not to pouch…. The list could keep going, people. And I haven’t even brought up the model fittings, fashion shows and apres-runway sexy underwear parties.

Sigh. What am I doing writing a blog, right?

The last decade really changed the way men wore underwear. The Calvin Klein monopoly of the ‘90s are long gone. In a way, so are the fun and frisky 2000s, which kickstarted a reimagining of what men’s underwear could be, thanks to brands like Ginch Gonch, Andrew Christian, Mundo Unico and N2N Bodywear. But designers aren’t stopping here.

A big part of the appeal to underwear is the fantasy it creates, which is something Canadian-based company Fireboy has capitalized on, along with an aggresive online social media strategy to help promote their product to a global market. They added me on Twitter last month (@fireboyonline). Their undergarment and swimwear line includes everything you could imagine — from modest to kinky — and quite a few things that you probably didn’t, including designs like the Suspension Jock.

This little number is what happens when a jock-wearer and a free-baller meet halfway and decide to make passionate cottony love… and I am totally a fan. It’s the Geo Tracker of jockstraps. When the chance came for me to review a pair of Fireboys, I went for the suspension jock, primarly because I wanted to wear it through the course of a normal day and see how it compared to more traditional underwear. 

Pro #1: Unlike going commando, you don’t have to worry about crushing your boys every time you sit down.

Pro #2: If you wear jeans with a button-up fly like yours truly, no more cotton prison for Junior, making urinal trips that much easier.

Fireboy makes provocative funderwear, so if you have an underwear fetish or want something different to wear every once in a while, check out their site.

I am an unapologetic collector of experiences and this was a pretty fun one…. Always makes me laugh on the Canadaline or Skytrain that the guy next to me could be wearing something like this and I’d never know.

**Cucumber not included
PS The guy who reviewed these for their Xtube account is pretty… yeah. Definitely NSFW but check it out.