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Review: Gloss

Company: Gloss

Location: South Granville

Product: Style, baby! YEAH!

There comes a time in every queer’s life where your partner will offer to cut your hair. No no. Hear me out. Usually (for guys) it involves a head shave. For lesbians, I imagine it involves either braiding or a bang trim or if it’s your lucky night, both. Mmm bangs.  And let’s be honest here: I could fucking shave your head and or bangs. And that says a lot people because I can’t even cut a line.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, I let boyfriend Steve cut my hair. I know, right? Have you read his blog? I must be in love. By the time he was finished, it looked like this:

No really, it looked like this: 

Which is WAY worse.

On Canada Day, Doug D Styles (Vancouver legend) told me that I looked like shit. I’m sure I did, but christ, the guy’s last name is Styles. He dared me to come in that Monday to his salon (Gloss) and let him clean me up. I didn’t go in that Monday. Que sorpresa. But a week later his dare apparently was still good and here is the result:

In summary: it’s hard to find a good stylist in the city, let along an LGBT friendly one. Sure, I’m being sarcastic a bit there, but Gloss is actually the Flossy Flossy and Doug, despite calling me a piece of shit due to boyfriend’s head-love, is an amazing stylist. I don’t know how to cut hair but I do know a good hair cut and that’s what Doug did for me. 

As for Gloss, I mean, look at this place:

That’s Doug in the far right corner. What a dreamboat, right?