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Review: The Eurowave

It's getting close to summertime here in Vancouver, and if you're anything like me, you've probably already started thinking: cheese and crackers, I can't effin' wait to spend the next four months with no shirt on. (Yess!!!)

Still, the winter flabby-flubs aren't going to melt away in the sun, and if you hate the gym or don't have enough time to work out, it's going to be a long shirts-on summer… if you know what I mean.

No gym? No time? Like lying on your back? If you're looking for alternative fitness solutions, maybe try the Eurowave. A skeptical Up Your Alley ( was invited to give it a try, and you'll see the results for yourself in this video.

One session made me feel like a 19-year-old lass again, full of spunk and spite, back when I was a girl, not yet a woman.



In the video, you'll meet Tori from Body Beautiful Canada. She's not
just a pretty face, boys and girls. She used Eurowave to
complement a fitness plan that helped her row across the Atlantic. You
know. No big D. Just the Atlantic. Whatever.

Truemor: when the camera wasn't rolling, she was busy bench-pressing me with one arm. My kinda gal!

Give me a write and let me know what you think.

You can check out Body Beautiful Canada here.
They don't offer treatment, just sales of the actual machine. If you
are looking for treatment, contact a local fitness centre, gym or
wellness professional about the Eurowave.

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