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Review: Weights (Before & After Photos)

Company: Weights (Fitness and Wellness Studio)

Location: Gastown/Chinatown

Product: Personal Training SessionsTeeth WhiteningDiet Plan, Radio Frequency Facelift, Infrared Sauna

A few months ago, I won a raffle for a personal transformation fitness and wellness package from Big Rogers Events at Weights here in Vancouver. You can follow the first parts of my journey by clicking here.

I know this review has been a long time coming. There will be a video component that I’m going to put together over the next couple weeks so you can see firsthand what a radio frequency facelift looks like and what’s involved in a balls-out teeth-whitening session. There’s a few weeks to go until Pride, and if you’re a vain bitch like me and are considering getting treatments like this before Aug 2, you’ll know what you’re getting into before you book a treatment.

Back to the review: to be honest, I was sort of reluctant to take on personal training sessions. I really don’t like being bossed around, and I like working out in big gyms where — surprise — you can check out guys while slugging your weights around and getting fit. But I had also hit a fitness wall after last year’s LL Cool J Platinum Workout blitz and needed something new to help push my body to build muscle again.

Ever wonder how effective working with a personal trainer is? These may help put any doubts to rest:

The benefits of working with a medium-sized private gym like this include privacy and also the opportunity to work with several different trainers until finding one who can work with you. Bryan handled the majority of my training — he is a master motivator, fun to be around and managed to push me even when I didn’t think I could go further. I also had a few sessions with Kurt, who had a different theoretical approach and had an answer for any question about fitness or wellness that I could possibly ask.

Weights is a great alternative to working out to Fitness World/Steve Nash, the YMCA or other Vancouver public gyms. They helped me put on some serious mass, particularly on my legs, shoulders and upper back. They also helped tone and trim down my stomach (something I’ve never been able to do by myself). I lost an inch off my mid-section after two and a half months of serious training, despite not following my diet plan exactly. Girl likes her coffee and liquor. What a surprise, eh?

Highlights included implementing 300-style workouts, the infrared sauna bakes and a trip to try laserlipo at Nu Age Body Care.

Lowlights included transit time to and from the West End (selling my car two years ago never hurt more than the past two months) and working through previous soft tissue injuries in my back, left ankle and neck. 

Another unexpected benefit was to my tennis game — my forehand picked up a lot of punch and I finally won against a guy I’ve been playing with for the past three years.

If you’re looking to start an exercise program, lose weight or get past a plateau in your current workout program, personal training is for you. Try contrasting the results I got from last year’s Platinum Workout and these sessions at Weights. Weights was definitely more successful in my mind, and I think the photos show that.

Since this is a lot more serious than my usual blog postings, I hope you found this informative and look forward to some video blogs on the cosmetic treatments I received, coming soon. Good luck with your fitness journeys this summer. Hope to see you at the beach, y’all!

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