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Rick Mercer: We have to make it better

On the heels of Rob Salerno’s oh-so petty bullying of the Conservative “It Gets Better, just not thanks to us” video (italics are the international symbol of sarcasm, right?), Rick Mercer decided to give a rant on the current state of the It Gets Better movement by reminding us that without real action on the part of those who can make it better, it’s all just a bunch of feel-good talking.

And for those who say, “Well, they made a video for the gay kids! That counts, right?” Sort of. I have no doubt that most of these people care about these kids and are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, but if you’re going to say that it gets better, then you go out of your way to raise rhetoric and legislature that makes it worse, then that makes you at best a woefully misguided hypocrite and at worst a lying sack of shit. (Pardon the French.) Anyway, Rick Mercer puts it better than I can, so let’s all gather round a warm fire and listen to him rip apart assholes.

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