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Ricky Martin speaks out

BY NOREEN FAGAN – Time for the gay boys to swoon: Ricky Martin talks to the camera on Sunday, Aug 14 in a VH1
special called Behind the Music.

The Puerto Rican hottie made many gay men happy (and lots of
straight women sad) when he came out last year. He is now in a relationship with
Carlos Gonzalez, who, he says, “is sexy, very smart, very compassionate, but the
most beautiful thing is, he loves my children. It’s very beautiful.”

Martin apparently bares all in the interview: he talks
about his first secret relationship with a man, which left him heartbroken, how
everyone always asked him if he had a girlfriend, his relationship with TV host
Rebecca de Alba, his career and his decision to come out.

It was the birth of his twins that gave Martin the courage to live openly.

“My babies were born and I was holding them, and I said, I
need to be strong, I need to be happy, and I need to do whatever it takes for
them to grow up in a house full of love, transparency. And what am I going to teach
them, how to lie? [Kids] are going to ask them about Daddy, and they just have
to say, Yeah, Daddy’s gay.”

Martin’s interview has got the media tongues wagging. Even
the Times of India has picked up the story.

Want a sneak preview? Go to The Advocate for a little taste.

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