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Ricky Martin = Talented Dogs

As reported on yesterday, someone offered Ricky Martin $1 million to do porn. I don't mean to be a bitch, but they should really offer him $1 million to go back in time and come out of the closet when it mattered. I will better-late-than-never all over your face if you try to pull a Pollyanna and tell me that his coming out is better than his not coming out at all. Seriously.

Anyway, all of Ricky's troubles got me to thinking about these two videos: 


The connection is fairly obvious, isn't it? So many shameless grabs for attention… some talented, some not-so-talented… so little time.

Tonight's the opening to Kick-Ass… if you're looking for something to do this weekend, my money is on that movie, so get your tickets early. I've just started a new training program and will talk about that next week here on Up Your Alley.

I'm also going to swing by the AccolAIDS 2010 Awards Gala on Sunda, and you can expect to see some coverage on that next week in my print column. Hope to see you out and around! Enjoy the sun. Holla!

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