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Rihanna backs P6, a fashion brand fighting homophobia in Sochi

While plenty of LGBT activists have stepped up to the plate and put the heat on Russia and the IOC over the Sochi Olympics, a lot of major corporations and individuals have remained noticably silent. Even celebrities, always happy to jump on a social-justice issue, have been largely mute.

So yes, an “A for effort!” to any celebrity at this point willing to come out against the hypocrisy of the Sochi Olympics. And I’m happy to bestow that prize easy-A on Rihanna, for at least trying to make a statement.

[Rihanna / Instagram]

On Feb 15, Rihanna posted the above image to Instagram showing her wearing a toque (how Canadian!) from P6, a fashion line meant to draw attention to Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws and the IOC’s implicit endorsement of them. The name P6 even comes from Principle 6 of the Olympic charter, which says discrimination of any kind is wrong . . . unless they’ve already committed to a host city, in which case, BE COOL ABOUT THIS, YOU GUYS.

It’s possible, and very likely, that I’m grading on a curve here. It is just a toque after all. But it’s a toque with a purpose, dammit! Considering how far the IOC and its supporters have gone to minimize Putin’s anti-gay laws, at this point even a hat would be a welcome breath of fresh air.