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Riot police protect 3,000 Budapest Pride marchers

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI – Far-right groups issued threats, publicized the names and Facebook profiles of EuroGames organizers, as well as the hotels athletes were staying in, but none of those possible deterrents prevented more than 3,000 people from turning out to march in Budapest Pride under riot police protection, Pink News reports.

Members of the European Parliament (MEP), ambassadors, opposition politicians and human rights organizations were among those who participated in the violence-free procession, which made its way through the centre of Hungary's capital.

According to Pink News, Budapest Mayor István Tarlós was dismissive of an MEP letter that raised Pride safety concerns, replying that "becoming absorbed in this subject matter would [not] indicate a measure of intellect."

"Mr Tarlós thinks that LGBT concerns should not be a mayor's concern. He forgets that his city alone has an estimated 180,000 LGBT citizens; they are part and parcel of Budapest's socio-economic life," Intergroup co-president Ulrike Lunacek reportedly countered.

"I urge him to open his mind and eyes; ignorance and intolerance are not good guides for any mayor in Europe," Lunacek added. 

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