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RIP, Jamie Hubley

BY NOREEN FAGAN – On Oct 14 Ottawa teenager Jamie Hubley took his life. In a press release, his father, Councillor Allan Hubley, wrote that his son suffered from depression and was receiving care.

He wrote that Jamie “struggled with the idea that people can judge you harshly even when you are trying to help others. Jamie asked a question no child should have to ask – why do people say mean things to me? Although James had a great many people who loved and supported him, something in his mind kept taking him to a dark place where he could not see the positive side of life, which led him to this drastic and tragic decision on Friday.”

For the past four months Jamie had been blogging on Tumblr about his depression and his angst about being gay: “You say it gets better . . . When the fuck is that.”

His ramblings are short and painful. They focus on not being able to find a boyfriend and feeling isolated from his friends.

Each entry is heartbreaking — they range from expressing hatred for himself, his friends and his life.


Throughout all of them, Jamie focuses on one thing — ending his life.

There are bright moments when he seems to find himself and let people see his creative side.


Ultimately, though, the signs were there and the writing was on the wall for a long time.

In his last entry, on Oct 14, he said goodbye to the world.



Rest in peace, Jamie.

As his father writes, "Jamie is free of his pain now and there is a new angel, but we have paid too high a price."

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