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Rob Ford accused of alcohol abuse, public intoxication

After spending the first few months of the year fighting charges of conflict-of-interest and campaign overspending, Rob Ford is now under scrutiny over a possible substance abuse problem, after he was allegedly asked to leave the Garrison Ball due to intoxication.

Ford was asked about a Tuesday report that said some people close to him are worried about his health and that he was asked to leave the Feb. 23 Toronto Garrison Ball in response to organizers’ concerns about his condition.

“It’s an outright lie; it’s the Toronto Star going after me again and again and again,” Ford told a large crowd of reporters. “They’re relentless, that’s fine, I’ll go head to head with the Toronto Star any time.”

Ford was asked what specifically in the story he was calling a lie.

“Let’s just wait until the election is and then we’ll see what happens,” the mayor replied.

“It’s just lies after lies and lies and I’ve called you pathological liars and you are, so why don’t you take me to court? Let the courts decide. It’s about George Chuvalo today — have some respect.”

I’m by no means one of Rob Ford’s fans — the Rob Ford tag to the right will attest to that — but if you honest to god think Ford has a drinking problem, maybe hold off on the questioning for now.

If this were about everyday stupidity, then fine, the daily fuck-ups of celebrities and politicians is pretty much fair game. Substance problems, however, aren’t really what I would qualify as fair game.

Maybe I just have a soft spot for people I think need help, but the whole situation just feels kinda non-kosher. If he actually has a problem, hopefully those close to him encourage him to seek help. That being said, this feels like one of those situations where taking a step back might be in order.

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