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Rob Ford didn’t actually have official business during the Pride flag-raising? Get out…

Back in June, Rob Ford skipped out on the raising of the Pride flag, citing official business, because apparently he actually still works. Uh-huh. Right.

But thanks to the press getting their hands on his itinerary, it was discovered that, surprise! He didn’t actually have any official business at the time but had booked a “private,” personal appointment.

The rest of his workweek was also uneventful, the itinerary suggests. He had only two staff meetings and one constituent meeting on Tuesday, a single “private” appointment on Thursday, and nothing at all planned for Friday.   

On Wednesday, he visited a Molson brewery and a neighbourhood plagued by gypsy moths, appeared on a radio show hosted by former premier Ernie Eves, and, according to the itinerary, met with members of a labourers’ union.   

The “private” Monday appointment was listed for 12:30 p.m., a half-hour after the flag-raising began. A request for records about the appointment was denied because “the details of this meeting related to a private matter,” a city access and privacy officer said. [via the Toronto Star]

On one hand: what the crap? Are you honestly telling me you couldn’t even make an effort to show up to something taking place right outside of the building you work for? Dude, you’re the mayor; you can step outside for a few minutes to watch a rainbow flag get hoisted up a couple metres. On the other hand, this is Rob Ford we’re talking about, so if any of this surprises you, did you know the sky is blue? I KNOW. I’m as amazed as you are.

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