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Rob Ford: ‘I’m the best mayor the city has ever had’

In the wake of the news that Rob Ford’s alleged crack tape landed in the hands of the police, you’d figure Ford would keep a low profile and hope that this whole thing blows over eventually. Or, you know, he can go on his radio show and make the whole thing slightly worse.

Yes, Ford decided that amidst the fallout of his Halloween surprise, he and brother Doug Ford would take to their radio show today for some good old-fashioned damage control, although it probably would have been a lot easier if he could actually comment on the video in question.

According to Gawker, Ford apologized for past mistakes but refused to actually talk about the video, saying, “I cannot comment on a video I have not seen.” He also took the opportunity to toot his own horn, saying that “I would put my life on it that I’m the best mayor the city has ever had."

Really? You’d put your life on that, huh?

Ford clearly doesn’t have any plans to step down any time soon; the least he could do is just please stop talking. Talking was never exactly his strongest suit, and right now would be an excellent time to reconsider his stance on silence.

Oh, and here’s an animated video about Rob Ford’s crack tape from Tomo News, just in case you were wondering how embarrassing this could get.