Toronto Diary
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Rob Ford is Toronto’s lulzcow

Earlier today, it was discovered that Rob Ford's old website,, was bought out by a group of anonymous pranksters who proceeded to mock our most beloved mayor before it was all taken down because

. . . I don't know. Maybe the amount of win exceeded the site's bandwidth. 

This has so far been a great week for making fun of Rob Ford on the internet. Between the overhaul of his old site and the meme Ford's football kick inspired last week, it was almost as if Rob Ford wasn't so much a human being as he was a humanesque gelatinous blob creature designed by God to provide 4chan with grade-A material. So just for shits and giggles, I did a quick little cursory search, and wouldn't you know it, Rob Ford has his own page on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

And holy crap, it is the best thing ever. Seriously, there's so much fail and rage and fat packed into such a tiny little package, I originally thought it was KFC Double Down. It just goes to show, when all else fails, the internet will always be there to pick up the slack.

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