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Rob Ford returns to office, just in time to miss WorldPride

[Image via Wikimedia]

As the story goes, Rob Ford took a leave of absence from his office about a month and a half ago, saying that he was seeking “immediate help” for his issues. Well, it looks like he’ll be making his return to office soon . . . Just, you know, after WorldPride is over.

In a letter written by Ford, obtained by Daniel Dale and posted to Twitter, Ford says that he’ll be returning to office “Monday, June 30th 2014, in the later portion of the afternoon.” You know, some time after one-ish? Maybe even two-ish? Apparently, the guy’s not a real morning person. Go figure.

Ford’s tentative return date conveniently has him returning the day after WorldPride, which now sets his Pride attendance record at an unimpressive zero for four. But unlike past years, no one really seems to mind too much. If anything, people seem to be pretty all right with his absence.

According to Inside Toronto, Kristyn Wong-Tam didn’t mince words on the subject of Ford’s bailing, saying, “I’m glad he’s not coming back during the WorldPride festivities — he’s been a huge distraction.” She did give him an open invitation though, suggesting that “if he’d like to come he can participate like any other member of the public. But he will not be there as mayor.”

A few years ago, Ford not showing up to Pride was seen as a pretty serious snub to the LGBT community, but now? It’s practically water off a duck’s back. Part of it might be the fact that he’s done this every year, but I think a bigger part of it is the fact that his feelings toward us are now pretty mutual. If he can’t represent us or even acknowledge an event as big as WorldPride, then why do we have any reason to observe or acknowledge him as mayor?