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Rob Ford to skip Pride parade . . . again

Ah, the hell with it, I’m just happy to write about Ford over something other than crack.

So far, Rob Ford’s attendance record when it comes to Pride has been, well, dismal. Since being voted in as mayor, Ford has skipped out on both Pride parades that have come up and hasn’t really made much of an effort to attend any other events beyond a cameo at a flag-raising.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) Ford is about to make it three for three. Once again, Ford is shunning Pride in favour of going to his cabin. Yay and/or boo!

Ford told KiSS 92.5 producer Maurie Sherman he won’t change his annual tradition of going to the cottage on the Canada Day long weekend — which is the weekend Pride always takes place.

"You know I’ve always said if it lands on the same weekend when I take my family up north, unfortunately my family comes first and I have seen very little of my family right now,” Ford said on Saturday.

“We’ve had a tradition of going away every Canada Day and that tradition is not gonna be broken.” [SOURCE]

Oh honey, it’s been three years. Three friggin’ years. We’re not asking you to officiate a gay wedding; we’re just asking you to sit in a truck and drive down Yonge Street. You don’t even need to walk. We’ll cart you around if need be. Just make something of a concerted effort instead of making a break for your cabin at the first sign of gayness.

[Image via Now Magazine