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Rob Ford vs the Twitter world

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you are a savvy Torontoite who knows where to get your news, interviews and dick jokes. And as a savvy Torontoite (the more I say it, the more I realize that this is not a real word), you probably know full well that Rob Ford sucks ass. Well, it turns out you have the numbers on your side: the Star recently looked over months of tweets mentioning Rob Ford and realized that pretty much everyone on there thinks he’s a turd.

Of the roughly 43,000 times Toronto’s mayor was mentioned on various social media sites since he took office last December, fewer than 3,000 posts had a positive tone. The remainder split evenly between negative and neutral.

According to research by locally based Social Media Group, Ford’s popularity among plugged-in Torontonians hit new lows this summer — 61 percent negative — around the time the Fords picked a fight with beloved author (and Canadian Twitter royalty) Margaret Atwood.

First off, what dumbass tries to pick a fight with Margaret freakin’ Atwood? The woman is like the Canadian female equivalent of Wil Wheaton. You just don’t fuck with her. Anyway, you could say that people are more likely to complain about something publicly than they are to praise it, but I’m going to go with the more logical conclusion here: everyone whose brain functions at a base-enough level to use Twitter knows the guy’s douchery knows no ends, while Rob Ford’s supporters don’t really understand how “the Google” works and think there are tiny people who live inside their computer screens. 

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