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Rob Ford wants to eliminate watchdog offices investigating him

You know, I really have to give Rob Ford credit where credit is due: the guy is transparent as fuck. Seriously, there are a lot of terrible politicians out there, but he’s a kind of incompetent that you really can’t cover up. Rob Ford isn’t a low-hanging fruit; he’s an apple that peels and cores itself, jumps into an uncooked crust, and begs you to bake it into a pie.

So what’s Ford up to now? Turns out, he’s under fire from the city’s integrity commissioner and ombudsman. Not necessarily a huge shock, but now Ford is proposing to eliminate the position of integrity commissioner and ombudsman. I swear to god, this clumsy motherfucker of a fart in a funeral home.

Rob Ford called Dr. David McKeown’s $294,302 salary an “embarrassment.” Doug Ford asked, “Why does he still have a job?” Doug Ford apologized on AM640 on Thursday; Leiper said Rob Ford sent her a “letter of retraction.”

“It almost seems that if there weren’t any Fords, you wouldn’t need any accountability officers at all,” said Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday. “You certainly wouldn’t need them to the extent that you have them, because half of what they do seems to be revolving around complaints made about the Fords. Well, that’s just the opposition’s way of trying to put pressure on Ford and knock us off our agenda.”

Crean said her office has 10 employees including herself. It is “absolutely swamped” and “very understaffed,” she said, and its successes “speak for themselves.”

For a guy who wants more transparency and accountability in government, Rob Ford doesn’t seem particularly fond of the office in charge of it. Although in all fairness, I don’t get paid nearly as much as McKeown does, and I can still point out that Ford is a failure pile in a suit and a $5 haircut. There, I said it. I’ll take my $300,000 salary now, if you please! (Make the cheque out to cash.)

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