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Rob Oliphant talks the end of the spring sitting

I had one other interview after Question Period yesterday, which was with Liberal MP Rob Oliphant.

Q: What was your high point for the sitting?
A: Probably today with the tabling of the report of the Public Safety committee, where we actually call upon the government to both apologise and to compensate victims of government inaction and inability to do appropriate intelligence work. Mr. Almalki, Mr. El Maati and Mr. Nureddin need apologies and compensation, and that’s something I’ve carried really for about five months. The report came out for me today, and that’s a highlight for me.

Q: Low point for you?
A: I guess it’s just a learning curve as an MP that we’re reminded of how slow change is. I’m not sure if there’s a point or a moment, but the reality is how little impact backbench opposition MPs can have. It’s just a slow, plodding process. I knew that intellectually, but to experience that as a new MP is something different.

Q: What are your plans for the summer?
A: I have lots of plans. I’ve got a couple weeks at home – I’m actually going to Paris tomorrow for the weekend for the meeting. I’ve got a couple weeks at home in Toronto, I’ve got a trip to Israel for a week, and French immersion for a week, and two weeks’ holidays in Spain, and then back in the riding for August. So July is a lot of travelling – half holidays, half work, and August is back to the routine of getting in the riding and meeting people, and talking and hearing what they’re saying.