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Robert Miller: My favourite gay travel destination

Mr Leatherman Toronto 2013 Robert Miller loves to cruise

Robert Miller discovered the joy of cruising — on Atlantis Cruises. Credit: Courtesy of Robert Miller

Whether it's the bustle of New York or the Mayan ruins of Tulum, often one vacation spot resonates with us and becomes a favourite travel memory. 

We asked 20 gay celebrities, business people, and movers and shakers, "What is your favourite gay travel destination?"

"Atlantis cruise. Travelling to different locations, high-quality service and amenities on board, as well as amazing food, is more than anyone can ask for. Plus, with their daily excursions when in port and activities on board, there is never a dull moment — not to mention the nightly parties and the men!" — Robert Miller, Mr Leatherman Toronto 2013

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