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ROCK CAMP: no boys allowed

Did you know that my friend Jennifer Duffin and Carina-Louise Foran are organizers of a frikkin coolbeans ALL GIRL ROCK CAMP in Montreal? AH! I wish I had one in my youth, back in the 1880s when I was just learning about my Ps & Qs, and my Ts and As…



The pair are a fire-y duo, having studied women's studies at Simone de Beauvoir together (with me!). I remember when I asked Carina about it last year (at a derby game actually) and she said that she always wanted to be in a band but that it took her until her mid-20s to actually have the courage to see it through. So the camp is a way out of that self-negation talk that girls have. Out and into the loving arms of Roque 'n' Rolle.

Check out the info here.

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